21st Century Answers


Crowdsource information for better decisions in life.   



Understand any public or business issue.  Build expert reputation. 


Outsource problems to experts, universities or the wisdom of the crowd.   


Teach practical courses. Connect students to employers. 

How it works


Improveo breaks complex information into well-organized Q&As. See what's really important for you. Save time on debates and research. 


Imagine any topic as a user-friendly textbook which keeps track on what you don't know and rewards for contributions. 


Start a group for any project: company policies, research, recruitment, business units or a university course. Control Q&A sharing: internally, publicly or only with selected partners. 


Institut Africain de Management
Dakar, Senegal
Students of social entrepreneurship used Improveo to discuss this question: “How can collaborative digital tools help students achieve their objectives.” The results of group debates were added in French and Improveo immediately translated them .
University of Central Florida
Orlando, USA
The UCF Students at the Urban Poverty course were the first to try Improveo in America. Students were asked two questions about poverty from a global perspective. Student could add an answer, compare it with others, and learn from the process.