Become a Moderator


For Improveo to work well, Topic Moderators, play a key role.  They act as:

If an important question is not listed, moderators add it to their topic.   

Moderators decide which questions are responded by an answer describing a PROVEN fact or which answers represent one specific type of DISCUSSED opinion. Moderators divide Questions in three categories: CAUSES , CURRENT STATUS, SOLUTIONS.

This classification helps other users to filter and use Improveo. All choices made by Moderators can be constantly contested.  

Moderators can’t delete uncomfortable issues or answers they disagree with. When hiding an answer, they should confirm that it is off-topic or vulgar, in which case it nevertheless remains on Improveo.

Moderators don’t come up with new answers - Moderators challenge other to improve their answers.  

Moderators can summarize all the answers mentioned in the discussion.

Moderators can proactively scout and invite interesting debaters and look for topic partners interested in promoting transparency and open-mindedness.  



Being a moderator is a great opportunity for people with desire to learn about the world and make a difference.  In contrast to Wikipedia, for example, moderators don't write new content, but steer a topic towards the best experience of the contributors. By becoming a moderator, you may receive public recognition and, depending on topic development, also remuneration.   






To become a Moderator or request more information, please contact [email protected].