October:  Work on Improveo resumed. 



August:  Improved topic pages launched. Crowdsourcing of answers for Leadership topic.  

June:  Vodafone Lab Investor pitch day. First partnership signed on

May:  Customer interviews for Improveo for Business 

April: New design from (implemented step-by-step, all subpages should be deployed by August 2018)

March:  End of the Vodafone Lab incubation 

February: Started development of Improveo for Business, "motivational intranet helping to connect departments". From now on, there are two distinct branches of development: 1/Non-profit and 2/Motivational intarnet product for corporations. 

January: Over 15k unique visitors on website 



Dec 26: Content focus on 3 topics: migration, climate change, education 

Dec 23: Automated email digests and content abuse reports implemented

Dec 21: Improveo joins Vodafone Lab incubator in Prague 

November: Intensive learning from international outreach campaign 

Nov 17: IT team met-up in Krakow 

Oct 13-16:  Major update of landing page and group functionality   

Oct 09:  Start of online marketing campaigns 

Oct 06:  Andrzej joins as 14th team member: testing, quality assurance 

Sep 30:  Start of second wave of outreach campaign 

Sep 20: changed to

Aug 31:  Public Beta online & Survey for finding a new name started. 

Aug 23:  Outreach team starts working together   

Aug 22:  Topic pages allow filtering topis by types of questions and veracity level of answers 

Jul  01:   Work on Public Beta started

Jun 04:   Team meeting in Ostrava

May 22:  Improved Landing page online 

May 17:  Group functionality for Universities agreed on

May 12:  Presentation at the Alumni Impact Forum at CEU Budapest 

May 05:  Organization is registered

Apr 10:   Tested at University of Central Florida in Orlando

Mar 31:  Tested at IAM Dakar

Feb 28:   Founding meeting in Prague   

Jan 14:   Pre-founding board meeting in Warsaw 



2016      Start of coding Alpha version 

2015      Start of preparation works 

2009      Problemondo name found 

2001      Problemondo idea invented during CEU studies in Warsaw