The problem with university debates is that students often don't think clearly about what they say, don't listen actively to their peers, and often forget what’s been said. Improveo is our response to this gap in knowledge-sharing, encouraging greater attentiveness and participation.  



Improveo can be used by students on almost any track to:

  • Energize workshop debates.

  • Give everyone’s voice the same space.

  • Keep close contact between the teacher and students.  

  • Promote the university’s brand and staff.

  • Interact and co-operate with other universities and target communities.  



Improveo helps:

  • Students learn together and improve their individual knowledge.

  • Register debate conclusions so that students can remember & respond better.

  • Crowd source feedback for challenges students care about.   

  • Market students’ potential beyond the classroom walls to give them a better career start.

  • Provide environment to grow as Improveo Moderators and participate in shaping this unique platform.