How to use Improveo


Sign up to use all Improveo's functionalities. Registration is quick and anonymous – all that’s required is a username, email address (not shown publicly), and password.  

Click the confirmation link in your email inbox to confirm Improveo registration and log in.  

Click the top-right corner if you want to add your name & surname, photo, and more information about yourself.    



When you log in after registration, Improveo will ask you to select your Topics of interest so that you can browse only content which is valuable for you.  



Imrproveo splits news and public issues into Questions. Topic Moderators assure that every Topic has the right set of Questions relevant  for understanding the Topic.

Click on +ADD A QUESTION to list new Questions and connect them to any Topic in any location or to your Groups.

If the Question is repetitive or against the Code of Ethics, Moderators can hide them. It is also possible to discuss hidden Questions, but they are visible only on your profile and are thus more difficult to find.  



On Topic pages you can filter Questions according to their function (data, reasons, interest, context, solution) and veracity (fact, perspective, speculation). Thus, you get a quick and perfect overview of the reality. 



You can provide one Answer per Question. You can constantly update your Answer so that it’s easier for other people to understand both the problem and your unique perspective on it.

Answers are ranked primarily by Highlights made by Moderators. Each perspective/approach should get one Highlight. If there are several similar Answers, only the best formulated and researched Answer should be highlighted.

You can Vote for and co-influence the rank of any Answer by clicking on the “thumb up” button to give other users points. They don’t see who voted so you don’t need to feel socially obliged.  

Moderators can hide Answers which break the Code by being off-topic, rude or useless. Hidden Answers are visible on User Profiles and can be discussed further, shared on social media, voted for and made visible again.   



Comment on other people’s Answers to help improve the quality of the Answer. The number of Comments able to be attached to an Answer is unlimited.   

On Improveo, discussion provides feedback to concrete Answers, it doesn’t get dispersed on broad Topics like in real life.  



At the moment, the system awards Points for three types of actions:

  • You add an Answer (and the answer isn’t hidden): 5 points for you  

  • Someone Votes for your Answer: 7 points for you

  • A Moderator Highlights your Anser: 2 points for you

The ranking algorithm can be modified according to your feedback!  The goal is to find the most acceptable and fair algorithm.  Tell us what you think.



You can create a Group on Improveo where you put forward different Questions under one Group heading. It is possible to start Groups on specific issues or causes and invite others to discuss the Questions you're interested in or to rally support. 

Groups are excellent for Universities or other organizations for discussing internal issues or tasks. Groups are related to Topics and include Questions connected to other Groups or Topics.  



Moderators are content curators for Topics who hide irrelevant content and highlight the most relevant Answers.  

Other people on Improveo control Moderators so that they don’t hide facts or Answers just because they dislike them.

Moderators must have public profiles. Being a Moderator offers a perfect opportunity for brilliant, inquisitive students, journalists or other people who want to gain experience and reputation by diving into a specific Topic through action.

We will provide business cards for Moderators to help them develop engagement on their Topics. We work to achieve funds and cooperation models which could bring financial rewards in return for this prestigious function.

If you’d like to be a Moderator, read more and contact us at [email protected].  



Admins are Improveo’s employees managing the system and curating Topics without assigned Moderators.

Admins’ goals are maintaining non-partisanship and raising funds for operation and further product development.

At the moment, Improveo is self-funded and all administrative work is provided voluntarily by Improveo Association members.

Contact us at [email protected] if you share our mission and values.