Although prophecies about BTC passing 1mln per coin before 2020 (John McAfee) really work on the imagination, the technology behind it is old news. There are lots of problems with transfering bitcoin already, there will be more in nearest future. Lets face it - it is hell of a Proof of Concept, pioneer cryptocurrency, but now the time has come for 3rd generation coins, introducing blockchain usage improvements, new concepts, opening doors for global usage of cryptocurrencies by avarage Joes. Bitcoin is an obligatory stop in terms of educating oneself about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, but not neccessarily the best investment - if one is only looking for that. There are over 1000 coins today, but only few have potential to become Next Big Thing on the one hand, and give x1000 profits to investors on the other. One of them is surely Cardano, which - if the Cardano team delivers - will disrupt the crypto-world big time, making long-term investments worth while. Project Cardano's CEO Charles Hoskinson (former CEO of Ethereum) has already been called the Steve Jobs of cryptocurrencies. Together with his team of Einsteins producing legit papers on every piecie of technology and fascinating concepts behind Cardano platform and coin, they make it really hard to not be passionate about. So in terms of both investing (ADA - Cardano coin - is now at $ 0.4) and educating oneself, jumping into the blockchain wagon, this project seems to be a lot more interesting than ol' Bitcoin. But the real question here is - blockchain or not blockchain? The answer is - you don't really have a choice at this stage :)

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