When assigning a task such as a paper or an opinion response, the teacher can use the platform instead to keep track in one stream of comments of how her students understand the topic and engage each other. In other words, instead of reading/keeping track of printed papers and assignments, the teacher can varify her students' understanding all through the platform. Not only will it prove less time consuming than grading traditional assignments, but he/she can modify the assignments to have the students go one step further in understanding a topic and 'debate' with each other. In this way, the students can also learn from one another in a 'safe zone' outside the classroom walls and feel more comfortable in sharing their opinions.

Additionally, instead of using frequent quizzes or traditional homework assignments to test students' understanding, the teacher can simply post a question on the platform and have all students think/research it and form their own opinions. This would not only help the teacher save time and get understanding of where her/his students stand with acquiring knowledge, but it also helps the students feel less pressured to perform for a good grade (democratizes how students perform, since not all students can memorize/recall information easily) and gives them space to actually understand a topic holistically and how it applies to real world problems.

The platform is much easier to use to test knowledge- it saves time, paper/ink/resources, and relates to teachers how their students think and how their teaching is impacting their students, etc. In addition to that, it serves to propel critical thinking and gives students the responsibility to find their own voice on topics by giving them the responsibility to discover it and understand it in the context of how it relates to the real world (not only as an isolated idea). All in all, it not only saves teachers' time by decreasing grading and testing time in classrooms, but it also helps teachers understand how their students think and how their students' awareness on topics is growing. The platform also leaves room for teacher sponteneity. If the a class discussion leaves off at a certain interesting point, the teacher can continue the discussion on the platform and save time for other class discussions!

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