How does the platform increase students' participation?

Students will find the platform less intimidating than the traditional class debates and disussions! Since the platform gives them time to research, edit and construct their comments in their own time, they will feel less pressured to perform on the spot and more comfortable sharing their opinion on the platform. This will democratize how all students participate (quieter and louder ones will have space to voice opinions equally) and enable them to express themselves without reserve. Overall, the platform will be a "safe zone" for various opinions and debates where all students will be able to participate equally and share their individual voices/understanding of topics.

Likewise, debates generate many new questions that the students may not have thought about before (and that they wouldn't be able to discuss deeply in class due to time and teacher restrictions) and the curiosity to understand these ideas further will propel them to research and share their own interpretation of these new questions as they arise.


Improveo increases students participation by giving them equal opportunitites to respond to questions/assignments online in and especiallu outside the classroom before the next class, giving them time to research the topic before posting their opinions, time to research before commenting on other opinions and it allows them to change their opinions if new knowledge has been found or new points of view make them reevaluate their own answers. This is not possible in a live class situation were students are expected to respond immediately to each others opinions on the spot causing some students to not want to participate.


Students are driven to by curiosity and chance for acknowledgement which brings new opportunities.

Teachers aren't authoritative figures, but become guides in the search for applicable knowledge.