How does an individual or classroom connect with other universities on the platform?

An individual or classroom can connect with other universities on the platform by searching groups/universities, finding public questions they posted, and posting answers/voting for answers/adding comments to those questions. Also, a student/classroom/teacher can invite other groups/univeristies/teachers to participate in a question/debate that they post thereby creating connections between different individuals, students, teachers and universities on topics they have knowledge in and that matter to them.


I find this to be a great feature when speaking of topics of global importance. One way of doing this is by using your own professional network and create a group in collaboration with another professor you know that is teaching a similar subject to yours. Now having created a virtual classrom with students from two different universities, fruitful discussions can be held on the topic with completely fresh insights and knowledge about another country. For instance, a class in Germany might be learning about health care in the USA and vice versa. What better way to learn than from the people themselves?


A great question. We need still a lot to do to make it easier - but it's possible even now!

Create a closed group for your students and ask them to create some interesting content. Have a look at other groups, perhaps there are any dealing with the same topic (we'll be trying to recruit such groups :). Ask one question on which your students could cooperate or compete with a different university and ask our consultations to mediate it. The big chance is that the other group is on Improveo for the same reason.

Technically, the platform is ready to select specific questions which would make joint ventures for new partnerships. Our consultants will set them up for you and the other university.

Improveo can serve for moot courts for existing partnerships. See the manual to learn more how online debates are organized on Improveo.