How can the platform generate a textbook of ideas?

The platform generates textbooks once questions and answers have been contributed on a topic, and that topic has been moderated to have the most important questions organized and best answers highlighted.


This is actually a very interesting feature and can be done with a lot of flexibility. Here's one way it could be done:

  1. create a group for a class
  2. add the central questions of the course to the group. This can be done by the teacher or as an assignment by students. As a student assignment in a small class, a student could add a question every week that encompasses the main theme of the topic of the week.
  3. as the moderator, the teacher can then oblige all students to answer a number of questions as well as highlight comments that best answer the question.
  4. the information can then be stored and be used for revision.
  5. for a course that is taught every year, new students can be added to past groups. This can be helpful in seeing a progression in opinion and knowledge on the same questions still being discussed.

Rather than textbook of ideas, it should be intereactive QA textbooks. Here is manual explaining how they can be generated.

In short, we need all relevant questions on one topic, a lot of good answers and moderators who would systemize the knowledge so that such topic is easy to filter by category (eg data, causes, context, solutions) and veracity (fact, opinions, speculations)

The truth is that for no topic we have enough quality content yet to call it a textbook. It would be great to produce such prototype by end of November 2017. It's a big challenge. Would you like to take part?