What makes Improveo unique, in comparison to platforms such as Moodle & Quora?

Improveo gives users privacy and sharing restriction features that they can utilize to customize their debate/sharing/contribution experiences with the audiences of their choosing. In other words, the platform is different than Moodle, since it isn't software that houses specific courses and also different from Quora, since it is more personalized for learning environments and not completely open to the general public. Improveo is the best of both worlds- its works like Quora but can be more personalized by educators to be used as a classroom tool for private discussions, collaborative assignments and even cross-university debates. Its features also lets question developers assign discussion moderators and reward systems. Like Quora, it also gives individuals the freedom to contribute to public topic discussions but also to earn points/rewards for the most popular/constructive answers. A unique feature that Improveo offers is the ability for students to create their own knowledge textbooks from discussions on the platform.


Improveo is unique in comparison to Moodle in that Moodle is for internal use in schools/universities, while Improveo can be used for connecting universities with other universities and users around the world to openly discuss and solve problems important to our society.

Improveo is unique in comparison to Quora in that it can be customized for interactive assignments, global debates and student-led textbooks. Teachers can also add their students into groups to invite them to answer questions and keep those questions and answers private for the classroom or open it up to other univerisities or users.


Compared to

  • Moodle: Easy interface, intellectual experience, international cooperation, no bureucracy
  • Quora: Internal workshops for universities X systemized knowledge for all (questions are structured as interactive textbooks and your progress in knowledge is tracked).
  • Facebook: Improveo is a game with rules which you can impact (algorithm is public and can be influenced by verified users). Improveo does not take advantage of your opinions, but helps you distinguish between fact and opinions and understand better the people and opinions you disagree with.