Why do I need this online tool if I can do it all live with my students?

Knowledge is best acquired through investigation, critical thinking and real-world application. Although this can be done in class, many students may be intimidated to voice their opinions before researching them or because they are uncertain of them and don't want to share them. The platform lets students work out their opinions before they voice them. It is a safe-zone for students who may also have very different opinions than the teacher or most of the classroom. It democratizes who participates and rewards the ability to fomulate an argument and not only the ability to ask a question in class. Overall, the quieter students and the ones who are not comfortable sharing can be better included and heard through this platform than in regular classroom discussions.


This online tool gives your students something you can't do live in class. It gives your students the chance to express their opinions and have discussions while allowing them to have the time to research and read others answers before posting answers and further comments.

Many students might lack the confidence to respond immediately back in forth in live classroom environment when they've just started learning about a topic, instead they can very much benefit from reading others opinions, doing more research and refining their own arguments.

Also, students might feel intimidated to speak up in a live class situation if they feel their opinion differs too much from the teacher or other students but an online platform can give them a easier place to write about their individual thoughts on a topic.


Live discussion has always been apart of the classroom, however so much more can be learned and debated beyond classroom time constraints.

Improveo supports your teaching and student’s learning by allowing them time for research, thought and greater insight gained through reading other students answers before they submit their own on a presented topic. Improveo is especially beneficial for students who are less likely to participate in a classroom, as the platform gives them more freedom to research and provide their answers in writing, ultimately helping to build their confidence with discussions.

Improveo is a tool that enables you to observe the answers and comments of your students, providing you with the information on how to best proceed with topic discussion.


Improveo is indispensable if your live interaction with students is limited, but it will bring great value also if you meet your students regularly.

Without Improveo you:

  • have to collect & correct home assignments on your own. Improveo lets your students post online (answers to your questions, their questions or their favorite excerpts from the reading list) in order to interact, learn from one other and correct one another. Outside class, but it can be helpful even in the classroom.
  • can write down conclusions of group debates, but if your students write them into Improveo, the knowledge won't be forgotten in old dusty notepads. The information will remain accessible to your students during their studies, for exam preparation and even after they graduate.
  • and your group will stay on your own. On Improveo, your students' work can be exposed to the general public (as practical textbooks) or be debated online with students at other universities worldwide. Improveo brings new acquaintances, opportunities, expert reputation, and excitement: the things we need, especially when we're about to start our careers.
  • can't significantly help your university. Everything your students do on Improveo will promote not only them and you as an education leader, but also your university. Improveo should attract new brainy students and perhaps even funding.

Last but not least, Improveo is an alternative to costly conferences and exchange programs. Test new cooperations quickly and for free. If you are happy, develop cooperation afterwards offline.

Improveo doesn't replace live interaction. Improveo makes live interaction more effective and interesting.