What should the Improveo logo look like?

Brainstorming motifs:

  • Globe
  • Check mark
  • Question and Exclamation marks (Maybe something could be done with the two "o's"?)
  • magnifying glass
  • arrows
  • light bulbs
  • connection lines & points

A few simple ideas:

  • make the globe the first "o". This "o" could also be a magnifying glass over the globe (message: closely examinig the world)
  • The last "o" could be done in cursive, with an arrow coming out (message: moving beyond what we know)
  • Make the "v" a check mark, focusing more on the improving and finding solutions aspect

I like the motifs Leticia brought up, but think we should go only with one graphic feature- two tops- and keep it simple and memorable. Either we use the globe (agree that it should be the first "o" in Improveo) and the check-mark or just the globe. I do like the idea of having the last letter in cursive. I think I will play around with my sketch pad and upload something on Slack soon!



  • gradient from dark teal which in the middle changes into red? ... or the gradient goes from top teal to bottom red ... or just a red dot over "i"
  • last "o" as a very simplified globe?
  • shoud not be complicated


  • make it more probable that people pronounce it as imp roo vee oh :)