If you were a teacher, what would be your main question/concern about Improveo?

If I were a teacher my main concern would be time - how long will it take for me to learn how to use this platform & how long will it take for my students? If I have questions or issues with the platform, how long before I get a reply from support? There are only so many hours in class in the semester and I want to make sure it is being well spent.


As a teacher, my concerns would be if Improveo can provide all that is needed for my students to engage and communicate on assignments, without causing extra work that may arise from difficulty to use or understand, platform failure, lack of technical support, etc.


1/ User experience so that i don't need to explain to students how Improveo works. People are very demanding towards technology. 2/ Easiness of finding new valuable connections.

We need to test together with teachers.