Another platform fighting information overload by more information?

What distinguishes Improveo is that information is not only managed according to the user's desired metrics (topic questions), but that the user is able to look for information he or she cares about (instead of being bombarded by unfiltered information one finds on social media or the news). Improveo lets you look for or ask about information you care about without imposing any information on you without your request.


Improveo doesn't fight information overload with more information, it fights information overload with moderation and voting. Everybody has the right to an opinion but everybody gets to vote on the best opinions, and there can be more than one moderator on each topic to also highlight the best/most well informed opinions. So to find the most important points on a topic, you don't have to read through everything, all the information is curated to make sure you find only what you need and aren't overloaded with information.


Yes :)

The faith and hope is it might be possible if we focus on

  • creating an easy system which improves both analysis (dividing information in particles) and synthesis (highlighting and relating the relevant particles) where each information particle is easy to correct and mold.
  • attracting people (not AI) who need good information and are capable to weigh and verify it, and to make it more easier to process.
  • incentivize people to be active: reward system which grows personal reputation, creates new interesting connections and opportunities. We're really open to share our revenues with contributors. So far we don't have any, but hope that it will change.