Do leaders follow orders?

In democratic society we should percieve leadership as a pyramid, or as a circle maybe. Although not so obvious at first, but hierarchy among leaders ,and people in general exists. Every leader, in one way or another, gives orders, and every one of them is bound by some orders as well. Directives, rules, laws, all of them are some kind of orders, and not following them brings various but similar aftermaths. In democratic society, citizens are where it all starts, they are the ones that legitimize leaders and give them power, so we can say they are at the bottom and at the top as well.

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on Sept. 5, 2018, 2:28 p.m.

Everyone follows orders. Even leaders do. Even if it means that they set the orders themselves as in what are they going to do next. An order is essentially a point of direction and you cannot be a leader if you do not know where you are going or where you want to end up at.

To be a succesfull leader, one must procede with their initial plans and follow orders that they make up along the way. If a leader were to have no orders at all, one would be a lesser of a leader or even not a leader at all, by the definition itself.


Yes. Many leaders also have leaders to follow and even if they don’t they need to follow the orders they set. If a leader orders their followers to do something then the leader also has to do it to set the example. If a leaders orders something and decided he/she is the only exception to it then I don’t see them as a leader but as a horrible boss with a superiority complex. A good and honest leader worthy to be called one follows the orders and rules she/he sets just like the followers do. A leader that doesn’t follow orders or rules and does however he/she pleases isn’t worthy to be called a leader and will most likely have no followers because no one will admire or respect him/her.


If we are talking about orders in form of laws, rules of society that must be obeyed by everyone, then yes. Leaders also follow their orders made by themselves: it is best when leader gives example to others.

But, it would be wrong to follow orders from other people. If they are leaders, they give orders to people. Whose orders leader would listen? It is good to listen his/her advisors, co-workers or assistants for advice, support and better idea. But if they follow someone else's orders, making moves someone told him/her to do, that means they are maybe incompetent, dishonest, being manipulated by others like a puppet on a rope. That can also be the case.


I couldn't agree more with the opinion shared by Josip Sovar. The described circle stays in the foundations of order and organised society. Without some type of rules our world will be close to extinction since every form of life tries to establish an order. And it will be too unrealistic to treat leaders as inhumans who cannot be controlled in any way.