University of Central Florida

Orlando, USA

people on Improveo: 11

points: 13

cooperation from: April 5, 2017

The UCF Students at the Urban Poverty course were the first to try Improveo in America. Students were asked two questions about poverty from a global perspective. Student could add an answer, compare it with others, and learn from the process.

The UCF Students at the Urban Poverty course were the first people to try Improveo in America. We are grateful for the great ideas and open-minded support of Dr. Thomas Bryer who enabled it. 

As a facultative home assignment the students were asked two questions about poverty from a global perspective. Every course participant can add one opinion, confront it with the views of other people, learn from their experience and improve own opinion afterwards. Improveo helped reach outside classroom walls: the questions were spotted by other Problemondo users who joined the discussion.

From October 2017, the UCF will use Improveo for communication among own students and their counterparts at the Kaunas Technological University in Lithuania. Dr. Bryer’s idea is to let Lithuanian students learn more about public administration in the USA in order to suggest improvements. The US students will undertake a similar challenge in Lithuania.

Improveo will assure that the students’ ideas won’t vanish after classroom discussions, but will remain visible to inspire other people and have an impact.


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