It's worth knowing about JerryTaylor. He was a scientist who denied for a decade that that climate change was happening. Then in 2000 he realised that he'd been lied to by authorities on the side of deniers. He now heads the Niskanen Center, part of the aim of which is to convert skeptics. The core of his approach to deniers is there's only a small chance of them being completely right - it's like betting on just one number at a roulette wheel. A more pragmatic approach is to cover several numbers, maybe even bet on red or black to increase your odds to 50%. As for the science itself, 97% of climate change studies support the contention that global warming is a function of activities that release greenhouse gases. The overwhelming belief of scientists worldwide is that global warming is anthropogenic, that is caused by humans.

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I had a look at Niskanen Center and looked at some posts. I found what I expected. Any proof of human effect on climate is from models. Models are computer programs that are written to a specification about what will happen if certain changes are made to things that affect the atmosphere. And the people who write the specs think that increasing CO2 will increase temperatures. So, guess what - inject more CO2 into the models and they will predict warming. This is proof?
Keith Ougden 6 years, 6 months ago