There are many scientific fields that are involved with the science of climate change: meteorology, physics, chemistry, statistics, oceanography, astronomy, geology, dendrochronology, paleontology…

Hardly any scientist will say that climate does not change. The whole dispute about climate change is whether or not humankind contributes to it, and especially with regard to CO2 emissions from fossil fuels.

The fact is that NOBODY knows how the climate works. Nobody can explain why the earth’s climate has changed over billions of years. There are theories, yes, but no proof. It has been stated that the temperature of the earth has increased since the beginning of the industrial revolution and as there is no other explanation the only remaining answer is human-caused CO2. But without knowing how the climate works this is a preposterous position to take. It may be true, it may be not.

Remember the famous 2007 quote from Al Gore – “The science is settled”. For a start, science is never settled – ask Galileo. But if you follow the climate change blogs you will see every day new factors that affect the climate coming to light. For example it was always assumed that CO2 is well-mixed in the atmosphere, but that has been shown – by NASA – not to be true.

Amazingly, even scientists who believe that CO2 causes warming admit that they do not understand clouds.

Remember again Al Gore, 2007… Look here at a post from 2011 on a blog that supports the CO2 paradigm… (Don’t be misled by the website’s name “skeptical science” – it was a cunning plan devised by the blog’s owner to lure CO2 skeptics to the site to be educated.)

  • and read “Evidence is building that net cloud feedback is likely positive and unlikely to be strongly negative.” And “While clouds remain an uncertainty, the evidence is building that clouds will probably cause the planet to warm even further…”.

Does that sound like proof? And if in 2011 they could say “evidence is building..” how could Mr Gore say what he said in 2007? And science still doesn’t understand clouds.

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